Monday, March 29, 2010

bigger is better?!

So recently i got a digital SLR a huge camera which cost a fortune! ha ha! It got me th-th-thinking about products we buy and relating back to what Jonathan said in the final lecture about the business of design i thought id think about it further...
Personally i am a bit of an innovator and an early adaptor! (if i do say so myself!)... Usually the things i buy which make me an innovator do not usually become a big trend! But occasionally they do... for instance i was one of the first idiots to buy a mini-disk player! so hard to use, it didnt take off... The ipod nano though! the first one... the first credit card sized ipod out there at the time, i bought which caught on. (Don't know if that's because i bought it or not!... only kidding!)
Ipods became huge because of branding and advertising. they were made to look cool! and by people buying them they revolutionized music, and turned it into something easy, download-able tunes! So if i was to advertise a smelly old sock? and have advertising with everyone who is anyone wearing it on their head as a hat... everyone would do it? maybe... Lady gaga might be seen with one soon! I wouldn't be surprised!

but anyway back to my mighty nikon camera! I recently saw David Beckham on an advert with a huge camera up to his face, he then gave a cheeky wee grin! i was just wondering if maybe i am an innovator/early adopter for the slr revolution! ... i know what you are thinking, SLR's have been around for a long time... but digital SLR's are quite new things to have especially for teens... is this because of the price? maybe because they aren't seen as, for being cool?!

I predict that big is becoming better! people are starting to prefer having chunky good quality things! for example a cheap table from ikea and a gorgeous solid oak table... people would usually prefer the oak chunky, more expensive yes... but something that will last forever and not break and fail instantly! fashion's change and new things become popular and come back into style all the time! recently chunky jewelry has come in... and looking back to one of our lectures at the start of the year where Jonathan pointed out that everyone is wearing stripes! stripes are so in right now you are a no-body without stripes! that's what this advertising has done to us! we think we are being independent and new! but in fact these decisions have been made for us!

What a world! I just hope i can be proven right! and if lady gaga has a sock on her head next week! ill be sure to post about it!

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