Friday, September 3, 2010


Dissertation, its coming. I haven't a scoobie what I'm going to write about. panic! I am looking forward to writing my piece but i just cant seem to think, what I'm supposed to be writing it about... obviously relating to interior and environmental design. Should i chose something obvious?! A topic I'm really interested in, but which doesn't really relate to my degree.

I suppose you could say, its a combination of nerves, fear and drive to do well, that's making me question so early what to write about. If i take 2nd year's tasks into consideration and review my work over the past two years at art college I'm sure ill find something inspiring and exciting to get hooked on.

I have a passion for nature, evolution etc. I am a true activist- wannabe! for example Taiji Japan + Faeroe Islands dolphin drives. The harpooning of whales in a conservation zone in the Antarctic... None of which really relates to my degree. Can i make it relate? Could it relate? Mmmmm...

I could play on the environment and speak about wind turbines and compare the power between turbines in towns to those in the highlands... (to me... this is too obvious)

I need something simple and broad, unusual, inspiring, different. Otherwise i fear ill just get lost, get lost in the vast black hole of dissertation hell. ha, ha.

Hopefully when i am back at Duncan Of Jordanstone i will get help and be guided into the right dissertation path.