Sunday, March 14, 2010

Activity 2C: Talk to people

After selecting my random pictures i then asked a few people to create a story based around them. I let them choose their own order and jotted down their response...

Subject 1-
I was traveling with my boyfriend, somewhere abroad. It was a cold autumn night, clouds formed above us. We looked up to see fireworks shooting through the sky above us! It was very romantic.

- Female, 16, high school

Subject 2-
While visiting friends in Sydney, we sat and sheltered under bushy trees and waiting for the firework display!

- Male, 21, law student

Subject 3-
I had just immigrated to Australia. I arrived in March, coming from our winter to their autumn. I had moved into a lovely suburban neighbourhood surrounded with trees. My first night in Australia, I visited the Sydney Opera House where i watched the firework displays. Almost as if Sydney was welcoming my arrival with a big bang!

- Female, 19, psychology student

Subject 4-
After a long day on the way to watch the fireworks in the city we stopped the car and stood under beautiful apple trees where we rested in the shade looking up at the blue sky through the branches.
- Female, 20, art student

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