Sunday, March 14, 2010

Activity 2D: The fourth image

I decided to add a fourth image to see if doing so would give the same kind of response if asking a different person!
I decided to go with Subject 1's story as i found an image of a couple watching the fireworks!

I then asked the same questions to a different group of people.. the reponce was quite a positive one!

Subject 5-
Im on holiday in Australia with what appears to be my wife/ girlfriend. we are cuddling as we watch the fireworks. It looks like we are older and perhaps on our honeymoon?
- Male, 19, art student

Subject 6-
On holiday perhaps with my parents? We are in Sydney and and standing watching the fireworks.
- Female, 18, art student

Subject 7-
Obviously with someone i care about in australia watching the fireworks display? maybe on new years?
- Male, 20, geography student

I found it amazing by adding just one extra picture i managed to give slightly more visual information to people which led to them almost discovering the same outcome! (romance, watching fireworks, holidays?!)

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