Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What a small world...

Recently while my dad was doing some family research in Perth he met a long lost relative! Just like in a film he was minding his own business sitting at a table researching my great great grandad, Peter Myles, in Perth library.
He was the only person in the library researching at the time when a man and a woman walked in and sat at the same table as him. My dad continued to study birth certificates, death certificates and records. He heard the woman speak to the man about a Myles and he sort of didn't click it at first but as he overheard her speaking to the archivist he realised that they were researching the same person! He introduced himself and found out that they were distant relations. To top it all of they were both from Massachusetts on a holiday in the area. My dad couldn't believe it as not only were they both researching the same person, but they came all the way from America!
This just shows how small the world is and how close everyone is. You don't realise it but the person sitting/standing next to you could be a long lost relation...

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