Thursday, November 19, 2009

Assignment 3: Secondary Research Skills...

Clark, RA (2005), 'Market mavens: Psychological influences' (article), PSYCHOLOGY & MARKETING

Market mavens are consumers who are highly involved in the marketplace and represent an important source of marketplace information to other consumers. This explains how mavens are importaint in the retailing of products and the advertising.

Jansen, BJ (2009), 'Twitter Power: Tweets as Electronic Word of Mouth' (article), JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR INFORMATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 60 (11)

Shows how social networking and in particular twitter is important in selling yourself and spreading the word, good or bad. shows facts such as 19% of micro blogs contain a mention of branding/advertising. Word of mouth is spread by people writing thoughts and feelings and advertising products and sending them to potential admirers. Spreading the word of good design/ bad design!

Karmarama (2003), 'Karmarama's T-shirt hits Charles Saatchi's trendy artcredentials', (Article), Campaign (UK) 10/24/2003, Issue 43, p32-32

This article explains how graffiti is the thing of the moment. Explains how banksy is an anonymous character who is considered a vandal by some but a genius by others. A man wore a t-shirt claiming he was banksy ("arrest me I'm banksy") this created unwelcome attention and false advertisement. It also shows how this man is a connector as he is passing on information for his benefit? either that or he just liked the t-shirt!


This relates to the effectiveness of advertisment and how you portray yourself. selling yourself in the wrong light?/ right light? also relates to the mood advertising convays.

Rosenberg, Scott, (2009) 'How blogging began, what its becoming, and why its important' (Text), New York : Crown , c2009..

How blogs are influencing design, social aspects and self expression. Why we use blogs and why they are very important for new designers and artists. Discusses privacy of blogs and plagiarism.

Vaudrey, Charlotte (2005) 'Wake up call', (Journal) Design and applied arts (CSA)

This journal explains how graffiti artists are hip, cool and modern designers. Reviews the controversial view 'is graffiti art? or crime? Charlotte's view is that they are the future and explains how graffiti artists were commissioned to take on an interior design project by designing rooms in
a hotel.

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