Thursday, February 4, 2010

Book Project, Year 2, Semester 2...

(Follow on from Natural design project... This is almost a project to build up to our first interior/ architectural property development. Ill recieve the breif on Monday so more to come...)

Update on mini project...

Researching into wearable books & book making.

discovered a few designers i liked for different reasons.

doing little sketches to help me decide the over look + design of my peice.

Allison cooke brown <<

the black spot books, >>

This then made me think...

what defines a book? does it have to open/ close?

can it just contain words not sentences?

can you slide it along instead of turning a page?

does it protrude? Is ut static?

does the contents of it give information? if so what kind?

Then i started looking at the form of the fuction... Including materials?
Glass found on the beach? Wood scraps from the workshop?

This quick wee sketch illustrates my line of thought... it isnt a book literally... printed or engraved writing could be used to transform it into a 'book'

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